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As a reading intervention specialist, with a special emphasis on helping students with dyslexia learn to read, I have worked closely with Hilary and her boys for several years.
Her personal journey advocating for her boys to receive special services through the Sumner County School System has given her a special insight into how students with learning differences are affected by the organization of resources by the schools of Sumner County. Hilary recognizes that having a learning difference is not a reason for students to fall behind in the classroom.
Hilary’s goal is to ensure that parents no longer have to prepare for battle when fighting for services that, by law, their children have a right to receive. Instead, her work with the Sumner County School Board will be one step closer to allowing parents to focus on what truly matters - watching their children succeed in an environment that is safe, accepting, and capable of teaching all students, including those with learning differences.
After having watched Hilary first hand walk in the shoes of a parent advocating for her children, that as a member of the Sumner County School Board, she will continue to passionately advocate for your children too.
Blue Water


Beyond a doubt, Hilary Lounder is the most qualified person to run for a school board position. As a former teacher, social worker, and Mom, Hilary has done it all. In all she does, Hilary exemplifies honesty, fairness, and thoughtfulness. Hilary will use those qualities to create a school system that recognizes the importance of hiring and retaining quality teachers and staff. We need Hilary. She will be an advocate for all! 

Tracy Hall Sumner County Bus Driver 


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